First Month On the Job

It's been just over one month since I was sworn into office and we have accomplished a lot. 

On our very first township meeting, I lead the effort to better accommodate our first responders by moving the public meetings up 30 minutes, created a fair system for residents to participate in those meetings by giving everyone equal time to comment at the end,  elected as vice-chair of the board by my fellow trustees, give an employee a much needed raise—ensuring that all township employees now make over $15/hour, and started work to get more trees planted in our community by patterning with the Friends of the Hilltop. You can read all about this first meeting here

The most important thing I have accomplished this first month was to work alongside our three major departments and see what our amazing first responders and employees go through on a daily basis. I believe that it is critical that all elected officials understand what their employees do so that we can support them to the fullest. 

As one of the January snow storms moved into the area, I hopped in a snow plow truck and helped clear and salt the roads. I saw the hard working team of our roads crew work late into the night as they made sure the streets were safe for our residents. 

I joined Sgt. Edwards on second shift for a ride along with police officers. From arresting individuals with felony warrants to helping someone in a car accident, I saw the dangers that our officers go through every time they are on the street. I learned how much our police care about our community and the efforts that they go through to keep us safe. It was a wonderful learning opportunity for me and I now have an even greater respect for what police do everyday to protect and serve.

Two weeks ago I spent 14 hours with our fire department, splitting my shift between our two fire stations. Our firefighters showed me all of the tools and equipment that our department uses to keep people safe in both our fire engines and medics. We dashed a patient who was having a stroke to the hospital, rushed to help someone who was going into cardiac arrest, and helped an individual get much needed medical attention. It was impressive to watch a trained firefighter insert an IV into a patient as the bumpy ambulance hurdled down the street.

My admiration for our firefighters and all of our first responders and employees is now stronger than ever and I am proud to support the work that they do and to provide them the necessary tools and resources to be the best they can possibly be. We have a lot of great things ahead for our community and I look forward to working with my colleagues on the board of trustees to continue improving our township for all.