After Almost a Decade of No Raises, Franklin Township Trustees and IAFF Local 1441 Agree On New, Fair Contract That Increases Wages


Friday, February 23, 2018


CONTACT: Aryeh Alex, Franklin Township Trustee, (614) 594-9789‬,

After Almost a Decade of No Raises, Franklin Township Trustees and IAFF Local 1441 Agree On New, Fair Contract That Increases Wages

Franklin Township, Franklin County, Ohio -- The economic depression and massive cuts to the State’s local government fund devastated revenue to Franklin Township and our professional fire department. For nearly ten years, our firefighters worked under the threat of layoffs and forgoed raises just to ensure that their coworkers were able to keep a job with a department and community that they loved to serve.

Now, after three failed township fire levies, in November 2016 the voters of Franklin Township passed an operating levy that created stability for the fire department. With the resources to bargain, the township and representatives from the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) Local 1441 spent two months negotiating a fair deal that helps equalize pay and benefits with similarly sized departments in the region and raises wages to be more competitive and ensure that firefighters are able to make a long term commitment to the township.   

“I believe that our firefighters and first responders deserve to be treated with respect and dignity for the life saving work that they do for our residents and the community at large,” said Aryeh Alex, Franklin Township Trustee. “Having a strong and competitive union contract guarantees that we are able to reflect those values in our actions while compensating our firefighters fairly. I was honored to join my fellow board members as we unanimously voted to stand with our firefighters in support of this new contract.”

“The members of Franklin Township Professional Firefighters Union, IAFF Local 1441, have endured decreased funding, increasing healthcare costs and staffing cuts over the past 9 years. It’s been rough on everyone at Franklin Township Fire Department,” said Ron Delozier, Firefighter and President of IAFF Local 1441. “This contract is a step in the right direction to improve our members’ livelihood. It gives our members a fair, comparable wage for our area. It also allows the department to stay within its budget, securing a brighter future for all of us. This agreement would not have been possible without the excellent working relationship shared between the members of IAFF Local 1441, the Fire Department Administration and the Franklin Township Board of Trustees.

“Our firefighters are some of the busiest in Franklin County and always go above and beyond on every call,” said Chas Adams, Franklin Township Assistant Fire Chief. “These firefighters have continuously done what is the best for the fire department and the Township over the past nine years; by not requesting the cost of living raises that they earned and deserved. Our firefighters wanted to make sure that the equipment was properly staffed and that the residents were receiving the service they expected; before thinking about themselves and pay raises that were unsustainable. We worked diligently with our Local 1441 Executive Board and found a fair and equitable benefits package that is still well within the means of our budget. I am proud to work alongside our Franklin Township Professional Firefighters and we will continue to proudly serve Franklin Township.”