2018: A Step Forward to Improving Franklin Township

With my first year under my belt as one of your township trustees, I wanted to let you know about some of the accomplishments that happened in 2018. These accomplishments improve the quality of the services our local government provides for you. Improving our township has been a top priority of mine since I ran for office, and we are making great strides. 

 I spent much of this year learning about our township government, something that I thought was important as I worked with our fellow trustees to govern. This meant spending days with our firefighters as they work with residents to get the medical help they need, a police ride-along that showed what our officers do to keep our township safe, and with our roads crew as they removed leaves from our streets and salted the roads in a snowstorm. 

 This year showed that our township trustees could work together for the betterment of our community—a major improvement from years past. From combating the opioid epidemic to supporting our dedicated township employees, this last year was a major step forward for our township. Below are a few highlights of some of the great things our township is doing for you. 

 As the epicenter for the opioid epidemicin Franklin County, we have moved quickly to institute new practices to fight back against this crisis.

  • Our police and fire/EMS are now both carrying naloxone, the anti-overdose medicine, with Assistant Chief Adams acquiring 560 doses of Narcan with the cooperation of Franklin County Public Health—saving the township over $25,000

  • We held a community naloxone training with Franklin County Public Health that gave over 30 residents medicine and skills to help someone overdosing

  • Installed a drug drop-off box at our township hall to help get drugs off the streets

Our fire departmentis one of the hardest working in the region, yet they are one of the lowest paid. This year we worked to make inroads to end the inequity. 

  • Unanimously adopted a new contract between our township and our firefighters that gave much-needed raises, the first in over ten years, while at the same time Chief Welch and Assistant Chief Adams were able to decrease spending by 10%

  • Ordered a new fire truck, to replace our now-decommissioned vehicle, that will arrive in early 2019 and be a better vehicle for a safer department and community

  • And our fire chiefs worked to increase our insurance rating, which will result in lower homeowner and business insurance rates throughout the township 

 Just a few years ago, we had to lay off most of our officers. Now our police department is fully staffed with 13 full-time officers plus additional part-time officers.

  • Addressed speeding on many of our streets by installing new stop signs at intersections and added police officer-controlled speed cameras as a new tool to combat speeders

  • Held our first police awards ceremony, which highlighted some of the heroic acts our officers have done to protect and serve our township

With 32 miles of road in our township, our roads departmentworks hard to help make sure our residents have clean and safe streets every day. 

  • Awarded a $2.1 million grant for new sidewalks and roads in the Havenwood community, which is set to begin construction in 2019

  • Replaced an outdated work truck with a new vehicle that will help with leaf and trash collection, snow plowing, and salting our roads

Improving our relationship with Franklin Countyand the region through increased partnerships has been a major focus in 2018. 

  •  The township became a member of the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC), where we joined many central Ohio governments in our commitment to working together to improve the region

  • Partnered with the Environmental Crimes Taskforce, an initiative between SWACO and the Sheriff’s office, to target illegal dumping in our township

  • Worked with the Franklin County Office of Economic Development to explore new opportunities for businesses and development in key areas such as the business district near Georgesville and W. Broad

Some general items that we addressed in Franklin Township this year included: 

  • Restored the township newsletter, with two newsletters being sent out

  • Established, in partnership with the Blockwatch, a community garden in the Broadlawn neighborhood

  • Volunteered with the Westside Running Club to clean up the Camp Chase Trail that runs through our township 

Looking toward 2019 and beyond, I will be working to continue to improve our services and responsiveness to residents. Part of this effort will center on recruiting and hiring a new township administrator who will help lead our community to greater sustainability and professionalism and equip our local government with the skills to recruit new businesses. Additionally, I will be working with our fellow trustees to seek out new economic opportunities, securing state and federal grants for public safety, negotiating a new solid waste agreement, and fighting to restore the state’s local government funds that help pay for some of our critical services. 

As always, it is my job to serve you and make our township a better place for all. Please feel free to reach out to me with your questions, comments, or concerns via email ataryeh@aryehalex.comor at (614) 594-9789. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you throughout our township.